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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Saturday Morning

Hi Guys,
Here, now onward you will see regular updates with more of watercolor painting, as I have taken a big leap and started living as full time artist on my own. But for now; I will be enjoing painting, painting and more painting... ofcourse I will be available for any sort of freelance, with more focus for your work(isn't it good).

So keep visiting, looking forward for ur comments and welcome for creative projects.



Ahinsa said...

Excellent lighting...You're great in watercolors.
waiting for more updates...:)

Ana C. Nunes said...

Good luck with being a full time artist.
I love this painting.

Susan Roux said...

Good luck! Beautiful girl. Well done.

VINOD MORE said...

hey, thank u all ahinasa, ana n susan it always really encouraging to have good wishes from equally good ppl. c u all with more work, soon... cheers.

vikrant said...

Hey Vinod,
It nice to hear that you are giving full time for your art is excellent decision.your watercolors are really outstanding.i m sure you are gonna rock.even i just quit my job for painting.feeling the same happiness.this is the real satisfaction.hoping to see your big show soon.keep in touch.