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Friday, October 3, 2008

Birth Station

my recent post on CG talk.
i keep switching between digital and traditional media.
here one RnD in photoshop resulting the image.

Thursday, October 2, 2008


hi friends,
after long time(long years), i started with watercolors once again. here i am putting most of 7 year old watercolor with one freshly done. i really wish to fill my blog with watercolors only, lets see what i will come up with.
i never restricted my self with media, thats a reason i didn't do watercolor for many years; because even though i was not painting physically, but i was living watercolors which kept me fresh.

My dear sweety,
it took me more than two years to paint first watercolor of my wife.
i think it was worth enough.

my friend Parag Godase, partner from glass to brush. this took 10-15 mins(what parag gave), this painting won me best watercolor award from Camlin and EUROPE ART TOUR.

good friend and good artist. along with room we have shared watercolor study and many dreams in collage time.

The best friend.
she is just like the way i painted. this painting is one of my all time favorite.

this was our personal study tour to aundh museum (me, satya, jitya).
i lost all originals somewhere traveling but manage to keep snaps.

this won me first state award in professional category, when i was student.


two paintings from my home town nashik, where i started my watercolor.