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Monday, June 28, 2010

On Mission

Just that not getting enough time to paint; now days. so here is one quick but done with lots of intervals... playing with light, scale and forms, as usual....
hope u find some thing to comment...


NePaul Wilson said...

This is so hardcore! It's hard to find something to speculate with with such a unique and dynamic enviroment such as this, as it lays itself right infront you. I really love that touch of light that you added with the hint of blue because it gives a very Earth-like feeling, but I'm not to sure about the lower blue-tint closer to the bottom.

I really enjoy seeing your work when it displays light because it proves you have a master's level of understanding how light works in not just direction, but perception, you didn't stare at light bulbs did you haha?

The water leaves a little bit desired at least where the light is hiting, but overall you've done an outsanding job, not just in your goal to show light, but just as an artist.

I tip my hat to do you good sir.

And I know how you feel, I'm finding less time to draw as well, but I'm trying fix that. Heres to us and the artist that create other worlds.

VINOD MORE said...

always love to have your crits and comments... its gr8 how deep you get in to piece and analyze it, it helps me to look at it with new perspective... thx

NePaul Wilson said...

Any time, when someone puts that much talent and skill into their work, people shouldn't just skim over it, they should take the time to really look and learn at the art infront of them.