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Thursday, April 29, 2010

VALU_behind d screen

Hi friends, as most of you have seen VALU and appreciated film and my work.
but here is one image that i really liked. i did some changes and almost changed the subject to put it in to the finals. but as this image is initial concept that i had in mind and people who have seen marathi villages closely can really enjoy the charm.
i personally like this one a lot... hope u find it interesting
u can spot the altered version here (check the second last image)


NePaul Wilson said...

I wish I had known about this before! I really enjoy the style and the contrast, I like this color tone more than the yellow though, do you plan on doing more of these in the future? It definitly has a very neat texture to it.

I guess depending on the which color tone you plan to go with would help contrast the idea and feeling your going for.

VINOD MORE said...

Hi Wilson really thanks for ur comment, these kind of illustration is something very close to my heart, cause i have grown up looking at those old master painter's book illustration and i have worshiped the line and tones at my beginning years, and still love them...

and talking about this tone, this was something i had preferred but as director had strong yellow color theme in film we decided to go with yellow and it goes well with film, may not be as individual illustrations..

vikrant said...

these are my favorites.

VINOD MORE said...

thx vikrant... these r favorite of mine too.

भोवरा said...

Vinod, this work should be your header of the writing your name instead of actor's name
Amazing work!!
चिलीम ओढणारा बाबा, त्याच्या बाजूचा म्हातारा, कमरेत वाकलेली म्हातारी,दीपमाळ सगळे एकदम परफेक्ट!!

VINOD MORE said...

Hi Ashish, with respect to ur suggestion... i have changed the header, infact this one is my favorite too. and thanks a lot for appreciation... will have some demo, some time for sure.

भोवरा said...

Thanx bro...huge respects for you