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Thursday, September 25, 2008

VALU : The Wild Bull

Hi friends,
I am very glad to put up these images.
this was my first project of its kind at PIXION.
Long back(student life) i had dreamed about seeing my drawings on big screen.
Umesh Kulkarni the director of film was very keen about not to showing any screen shot or incidence from film but he wanted to create the feel, a image of typical Maharashtrian village.
my challeng was to catch small details from day to day life of villagers.
brush and ink with halftone was(is) my favorite dish. which i trully enjoyed after long long time. fortunately VALU became big hit and highly appreciated for every aspect, including my drawings.


bheeshoom said...

afalatoon!! I just love all this sketches on big screen! nice to see the creators blog!!!

भोवरा said...

विनोद खुपच छान !!! जर एखादा डेमो वगैरे दाखवलास तर आमच्या सारख्या नवशिक्यांना खूप माहिती मिळेल.
सुंदर वर्क !!