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Thursday, September 10, 2009


just speeding up another on same day....
getting new tricks... love it...


Jellyfish Opera said...

These are outstanding! I've looked over the ones you uploaded and these are by far some of my favorite landscapes by you. You crated a great atmosphere, you really show your skill with lighting and shades in the Cityscape.

I'm interested to know your process in creating these, I tend to do speedpaintings as well, but they usually end up taking an hour or two to finish and I would like to narrow it down more with more detail. Any tips?

Also, any plan on updating with any creature or character designs?

VINOD MORE said...

hi, Jellyfish nice to c u back.
your question really needs in depth answer but i will try to be quick n simple.
i usually start with getting inspired from some snap or random image with kind of atmosphere which im looking to paint. or i block out BnW sketch may be then i look for some atmospheric reference.
second stage i just feel up them with mood and here onward i start getting in to specific subject. many time looking at piece i totally change many objects as new thoughts evolves while painting. this is third level where i apply few changes and kind of lock them so i dont have double thought detailing them. and i put in some some images but always try to suppress them in painting feel.
and technically i do a lot experiment with PS keeping loose painterly custom brushes and different mode of painting like overlay, multiply, colordoge, screen, one has to be really careful using this modes. they are so tricky that lil overdo can spoil the work. i will try to upload some WIP for you... hummm to much of writing hope this will help you.
yes about characters i really like to paint them but im so much haunted with mood painting now days, unless i reach to some saturation level, may be next time i will do some illustrative work a combination of landscape and character... thats real fun.... creating a story just out of single frame...