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Friday, July 10, 2009

Back 2 Watercolor

hello friends,
these are lil old but i have not put them anywhere (don't know why??)
I went through some painting sites n strongly felt like painting watercolor but,
busy office and Mumbai life :( so got them up.
anyways, i hope u will enjoy these works......


Anonymous said...

I really like these water colours. How much of an under drawing do you have? Or do you go straight to the paints?

VINOD MORE said...

hi nathan thx a lot for visiting my wrk, and appreciation. ur quetion is very interesting for me. i spend only required time and line wrk that is very rough but good enough for me to understand my final output. if i finish a watercolor in 3 hrs i spend 30-40 mins drawing and observing subject.

vikrant said...

exellent watercolor with exellent skill.